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Mostly plot maintenance going on in tonight's episode of Lost--not a lot of answers, and not so much with the Shocking Answers!!!OMG!1! that the boardies seem to want with every episode. I can afford to be a little more patient. One of the things that turned Alias for me was that the constant pressure to keep delivering bigger better faster more eventually put the show over the top, to the point where the show became a parody of itself.

So, there were some obvious parallels tween this and the opener for Season 2, with Petula Clark's "Downtown" instead of "Make your own kind of music," the omnipresent opening eyeball, and another incremental expansion of the outer boundaries of the show's space, adding the villa to the crash site and hatch. Their ability at the villa to get copmrehensive files on Jack is an obvious question, as is the point of the cornucopia of psychological techniques they're using to break down our core characters. Oh, and where'd Hurley go?

So yeah, kind of a slow episode, but some nice moments, some more mysteries, even if they didn't make a big deal of them, and now my Wednesday nights are spoken for.

(I must admit that only the fact that USA is rerunning Kidnapped allowed me to tune in to the Nin9 tonight. I must also admit that I didn't leave that show feeling especially inclined to watch it again.)

Snip, snap, snout.


I think Hugo's shuffling back to the camp. At the end of last season the others had him return to the passengers back at the beach. I'm almost sure of it.

You know, I think you're right. I'd forgotten that, and I haven't gotten through Season 2 all the way yet. I'd just remembered the 4 of them being hooded up.

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