A Tale of Two Telecities

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A couple of the more attractive ensemble shows debuted this week, and I made time to catch them. Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and JJ Abrams's Six Degrees both started out pretty well. I'll withhold judgment until I'm a few shows in, but one difference stood out to me.

At the end of 60, NBC explains that if I missed any of tonight's episode, I can go over to the NBC site and catch a "two minute recap." Contrast that with ABC's approach, which also requires me to visit their site, but offers me the entire episode, and for free. Heck, just for kicks, I may go watch the episode again. The two minute recap? I've already seen next week's "two-minute recap"--it's called the tease for the next episode.

NBC already embarrassed themselves by taking on YouTube, so it doesn't surprise me too much that they would demonstrate again their utter unawareness of what the Web might do for them. What's unfortunate is that someone like Sorkin--whose episodes are probably among the least effectively reduced to a 2-minute tease--has to suffer for the network's shortsightedness. They're jumping on the "season arc" bandwagon with some of their shows, but they still don't get that making the first few episodes as available as possible will only pay off in the long run, a long run that the shows themselves require. Ah well.

That's all. I need to blog Scott McCloud's visit, and I'll try and do that tomorrow...

Update: Okay, clearly I need to just take all of this back, and pull my head out. Sorry about that. I was totally wrong. I'm not sure why they would just plug the 2-minute replay instead of the full episode, but both are available on NBC's site, even for the crappy shows.


Here's a smart NBC move, though: making the premiere episode of Studio 60 available via Netflix. I watched it weeks ago.

You're right--that is actually impressive. Not perfect, but definitely better than nothing...

Spoiler: They're ALL cylons...on BOTH shows.

Actually, I watched the entire Studio 60 episode on NBC's site...

The page doesnt' appear to be there anymore, but it did exist early this week.

So, in the middle of dissertation writing, another show to watch was probably the last thing i need. But with Sports Night being one of my favorites, this one is going to be hard to pass up. Thanks. Er, damn you! Er, you get the idea.

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