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See now, this is what I like: blowing a few hours doing a dual-screen tweak to a design. Heh.

Thanks for the comments, all, on yesterday's post. In local news, I've added a new category to the sidebar at the right--I've set it up so that new posts over on my book site will be sidebarred here as well. There's a really wide range of tools for doing that kind of thing--after having looked at 17 or 20 of them, I thought FeedRoll was the best, primarily because it allows you to get their CSS, install it on your own stylesheet, and then match it up to your own. It's not a perfect fit, but it's a lot closer than most of the others could provide.

If'n there's anyone interested in setting something like this up for themselves, but who needs a little assist with the CSS (particularly in the mangle that is MT 3.2 CSS), let me know. I've always thought that something like this would be a good way to manage departmental news on an otherwise static dept homepage, for example, and I can think of other potential uses as well...

Update: I definitely want to add top-level links here to Barbara's entry, which quotes me from yesterday and moves off in all sorts of smart directions, and of course, to Jeff's new book site, Digital Detroit. This all has the feel of something cool to me.

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