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I've been dropping some serious blogology lately, but today don't much feel like it. Nothing really caught my eye in the 'sphere. Also, I find it mentally exhausting to have so much of my life (as it is currently) driven by concerns that are outside of my control. Not that they aren't consequences of the choices I've made, but they are no longer simply a matter of just doing the work.

This is a little cryptic, I suppose, and will have to remain so, for a while anyway. But I've been told lately that I'm flashing a little more edge on the blog lately, and I think it's related to the mental and emotional stress that I'm experiencing this summer. At some point, you realize that, in the absence of control, there's a degree to which being right or wrong is out of your hands. I can feel my patience wearing thin more quickly, the buffers of politeness and propriety being a little quicker to slip, etc. It's not so much a matter of me "really" being edgy and hiding it better elsewhen--right now, I feel more ragged, and it's showing up in all sorts of venues, not just here.

I expect it to ease up soon, which is some consolation. That is all.

Early Morning Update: Winding down but just caught a column over at IHE by my chancellor, called Multiculturalism, Universalism, and the 21st Century Academy. Maybe something for me to blog later on.


Nancy Cantor writes:

"Our self-construals are embedded within and shaped by critical cultural practices and social organizations that constitute a matrix of opportunities and constraints in our daily lives."

Boy, I wish we had a university president who thought in such theortically savvy terms!

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