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It has been an exceptionally quiet day in the blogosphere. In the almost-three years that I've been blogging, I'm not sure that I've ever seen so few entries come across Bloglines. I zeroed out this morning at around 4 am, and have maybe seen 10 posts come across my 100+ feeds. Very strange. Theories?

1. Bloglines is semi-broken, allowing a few to squeeze through, but little else.

2. Someone forgot to forward to me the announcement for the National Bloglessness Day celebration.

3. Good weather, which is never to be underestimated in the effect it can have on blog frequency.

4. The Internets are broken. My staffers, one time, sent me an internet on Friday, and I didn't get it until Monday. Monday! It's not a dump truck, you know.

5. The BATS!!

The most likely answer is some optimal combination of all 5 of these, I suspect. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend secure in the knowledge that you won't be falling that much further behind on your blog-reading.

That is all.


100, see there's the problem.... my netnewswire is at 454 feeds and i have no problem getting new info. as for the bats, well they eat mosquitos.... given the choice... i choose bats over mosquitos. likewise i choose starlings over mosquitos and many other things that some people consider nuisances... until they come to learn what eats a far more irritating thing.

Good point re mosquitoes. We don't have them too badly up here, but I don't know whether that's because of bats or why I don't see them very often. I'd trade goose bumps for mosquito bites every day of the week.

And yeah, I could easily double my feeds, but somewhere in between 110 and 120 seems to be the optimal load for me (right now, at least). I like to feel as though I'm keeping up, and much more than that means a more binge/purge approach to reading...

It's gotta be number 3, but number 3 is (importantly) intensified by the heatwave that forced everyone indoors with nothing to do but blog and read blogs and procrastinate. (my hits were really high at the peak of the wave) And now the weather is nice and the semester is creeping in, people either freaking out or procrastinating outside. And also Saturday rarely seems like a heavy blog day to me--but I've no evidence to back that up. None!

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