Happy Birthsday

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A comic wherein I wish KB a HB

Is it just me, or is Kenny B a little snippy today? Oh well. Please join me in wishing a fine, fine day to both Derek and Donna as well...

That's all.


I don't know Collin--I think he might be mad because you didn't buy the t-shirt.

(Thanks for the b-day wishes!)

You know, there's not that great a difference between Burke and Brooke.

As you'll see when young Hawhee finally publishes her piece on speech gesture, the "B" and "k" sounds in our names is quite enough to bind them together poetically.

But you can still make me a drink.

Also, the eyes in the penultimate frame: a little freaky, even to this dead guy.


Hey, the freaky eyes were worth it, just to get you to stop by and refer to "young Hawhee."

You know Hawhee, than whom no one is younger.

Plus, I would have been 109 today, for crying out loud.


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