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I came into the office Friday night to work on the manuscript (it being that time of the year and all), and what should I find waiting for me on my desk but a little missive from the Graduate School. Turns out that I've been selected as one of the recipients of this year's Excellence in Graduate Education Faculty Recognition Awards. Woo hoo!

Nice to be recognized, certainly, but this award in particular is for faculty who contribute by

  • organizing and providing a supportive environment for research and scholarship, including teaching and modeling responsible conduct, careful advising and instruction in teaching
  • enhancing students’ academic and professional skills
  • sponsoring students’ entry into the academic and professional community of the discipline
  • guiding students in administrative, organizational, and professional matters
  • helping students achieve career placement and professional success
  • serving as a role model of successful mentoring and training graduate students to effectively supervise and mentor

That's not a half-bad description of what I've been trying to do as graduate director for the past 1+ years, so I'm particularly flattered by this.

That is all.



Wow--that's awesome, Collin. Congrats!

Very cool! And very much deserved. Congratulations, Collin!


Way to go!! I'm sure that you'll continue to strive for excellence. That's just how you roll.


It's because you deserve it. And I don't say that just because you're nice to me.

You deserve this and much more. Congratulations.

Excellent news. Congratulations!

Hurrah! Good going, C.

You were doing all of these things long before you were grad director. Congratulations.

I'm trying to work on UT's award for you, given how much you helped me through grad school. :)

I hope you the award also comes with one boatload of cash.

Congrats! :-) We've never met, but you've helped *me* too!

way to go! & all that while juggling a whole bevy of maleable & often indecisive examinees! :)

Fantastic--you must go out and celebrate!


Doesn't "the award winning Collin Brooke" have a nice ring to it? Cheers!

Proud to know ya. I've been learning from you as a teacher for years. You should get an award for that, too.

Nicely done!

After only 1+ years, this is an AMAZING award. Hope you appreciate the award for the compliment it truly is.

Congrats, congrats!

Thanks, all, for the kind words...

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