At a breakneck pace

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It would be nice if I could honestly say that this is the speed at which my revisions are going. They're coming along pretty well, but I always want my writing to go faster.

No, the title is more a reference to the fact that, two days ago, I woke up unable to turn my head to the right. Turns out I sprained a something-or-other in the right side of my neck. And then, a day later, after holding my head stable to keep it from making me cry, I apparently overtaxed a muscle on the other side of my neck. Fortunately, the pain has softened a bit, even if it's spread out all over, and double fortunately, I've been slapping IcyHot patches back there every 8 or so hours, and that's helped.

It's made it a little tougher to sleep, which has correspondingly made it tougher for me to focus when awake, but oh well. What are you gonna do?

That's all.

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