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Thank you to those of you who added your voices to the request that the annual Kairos Best Academic Weblog award be renamed in honor of John Lovas. It would have been a hard change to argue against, to be sure, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't important to speak up and remember John. Like many others, I felt like CCCC didn't do as much as it could have to honor him at the first meeting since his passing.

And so, my thanks to the editors of Kairos and KNews for making the change. The call for nominations is up now, and I can't help but think that John would be pleased to have his name associated with it.

That is all.


I nominate, um, well. . . me. It would mean so much to be the first double crown winner.

What do you all say?

not related to nominating but John's site seems to have been taken down. I just noticed this week.

Maybe we can persuade them to put it back somewhere. I still go back to read it from time to time.
Collin, I am angry about the 4C's--I proposed an award in his name soon after he died, but the PTB felt that there were enough awards being named after deceased members and, the reasoning went, in time, no one would remember who JL was. I'm not convinced that there isn't more to that story, and I'm so glad that the award is going to be named for him.


You need more cowbell if you want to win the award again.

Less honky. More funky.

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