Dueling Posters

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As you might expect, the news that Ann Coulter will be visiting campus has stirred the hearts and minds of at least a couple of people here at SU. I submit for your perusal just two of the posters appearing on the first-floor bulletin board. I leave it to you to determine their divergent origins...

Poster 1 (pdf)
Poster 2 (pdf)


What? No "Alleged Felon" poster?

How about the "Ann Always Looks So Pretty in Her Brown Shirt" poster?

Well, keep in mind, Tranny, that these are just from my building. I'm sure that I haven't seen the full range of posterific delight that decorates our campus...

I'm so stumped how this woman continues to get speaking gigs. STUMPED! Not just because she's a right-wing nutcase, but because she's not even a smart one.

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