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Arrived home with minimal trouble, although it was a long day behind the wheel. Listened to the other two elite 8 games--GMU a colossal surprise, Florida not so much.

In our department pool, not a single person picked a single Final 4 team. This softens (a little) any embarrassment I might personally feel about my dismal pickins this year.

Found out today that I'll be part of the Division on the History and Theory of Rhetoric and Composition panel at MLA, and speaking to the theme "Rhetoricizing Technology, Technologizing Rhetoric." Hard to imagine a more appropriate theme for my work, so I'm happy that I'll be a part of it.

More soon.


Picked Florida, and that was a pick from the heart, not the brain.

My heart picks all got dogged hard in the first round... :-(

I wasn't quite right above, though. I think we did have 1 or 2 people pick 1 F4 team. I was looking at the final 2 + Champ page, and no one got any of those...

Based on their performance yesterday, it'd be hard not to pick Florida all the way...

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