Five Holiday Treats Appearing on a Gift/Plate this Season

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  1. Chocolate Crinkles

  2. Golden Cookies

  3. Holiday M&M Cookies

  4. Homemade Toffee

  5. Peppermint Bark

It's mostly old standbys this year, as arriving in Iowa last Friday night doesn't leave me with loads of time for baking. But baking I've been doing, with more to come.

The house I grew up in is finally sold, and so this is the last holiday that I'll spend in this kitchen. It's been a little bit of a challenge, because most of the kitchen gear is sitting in boxes at the new house, and I've had to make do a little more than usual, including a supply trip for new cooling racks, sifter, spatula, pan, etc. And that trip included the obligatory encounter with someone who was astounded that I do the baking 'round here.

Oh, and I think my wrapping's done for the most part. Not bad at all.

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Lunching on leftovers from Schenectady Synecdoche on December 26, 2005 11:53 AM

Collin has set an impossible standard with his entry "Five Holiday Treats Appearing on a Gift/Plate this Season"; nobody is going to contest him in the Greatest Holiday Treats category. So I'll raise a separate question; what are you lunching... Read More


let's see some recipes!

The problem Chez Howard is that the butter, when left out in a bowl on the counter, won't soften enough. It's that cold outside. And BP swears the dough for sugar cookies isn't worth a hoot unless the butter is properly softened yet not melted. But it's Christmas week, and we've gotta bake those cookies!

we were unable to do our holiday baking htis year as The Babe requires much attention. We did get cards and a feast done. Now...onto traveling. Yikes!

Happy Holidays, CGB!

they were great as usual--drive carefully

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