Slowly resurfacing

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Thanks to a day spent almost entirely in a state of hibernation.

Anne Squared

From Wednesday to Saturday, my attention was taken up almost entirely by the aforementioned Fall Symposium on Digital/Visual Rhetorics, and my energy largely consumed by the various responsibilities involved with event planning and execution. I flatter myself sometimes with the belief that I'm pretty good at that stuff, although I could probably be a little better. I was good enough this week that the event went pretty smoothly on the surface, and really, only a few bumps, most of which were invisible to most.

One of the things that we did that I was pretty proud of was that we didn't just do talks. The talks were good in and of themselves, but we also scheduled some hands-on workshops as well. It's not the kind of thing that we normally do for visiting speakers (not even during job visits), but I think it worked out pretty well, even though we probably didn't allot quite enough time for them.

All in all, I was pretty pleased. And I'm pretty pleased that it's over, lovely as it was to see and spend time with Jenny, Jeff, and Anne. There are three of us or so with some pix from the event, and I'll add the links to this entry as they emerge:

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Sounds like a great symposium! You must be worn out, though. Over the past year or so, I've developed a HUGE level of respect for the work involved in pulling off such an event. Whew! Hope you get to rest for a while.

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