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I have to admit that the tease from last week, which showed Jin speaking English, was a huge disappointment. Lost has been doing well enough without resorting to "...and then he woke up!" sorts of trickery.

Last night's episode was one that didn't perhaps excite as much as the first few have. Other than Bernard being alive, there weren't a lot of answers to our ongoing questions. But I think that it was necessary from the perspective of the overall narrative--not every episode should promise to answer! all! your! questions!

And I really liked Hurley's backstory this time round. He and Locke continue to be the most interesting characters for me. Maybe it's because both of them believe, but from such different points of view.


Anyhow, I won't be blogging for a few days. I'll be in NYC giving a talk at the Humanities Roundtable event sponsored by the National Federation of Archiving and Indexing Services, and my guess is that free wifi will be hard to find.

That is all.


I want to know why there are fewer than 23 remaining among (mishaps, illness, or worse...). So that's a small hook. If Swan was bunker 3-of-5 is it safe to suppose that Michael, Jin and Sawyer and the Tailenders are in one of the other Dharma-built bunkers (a drab one at that)? I didn't catch it last night, but the boards are abuzz with Walt's photo showing on the milk carton in Hurley's dream.

Have a cluckety trip to NYC.

That *is* kind of interesting. If it's just dreamscape, it's no big deal (for us, at least). But if Walt does actually appear on the milk cartons, it suggests that there's more to Michael's backstory than we've heard so far....

I want to know how many people are left in that group now. If they had 23, do they have 15 now? 16? Are the others on the boat a group of 4? 5? Way too much to think about when I should be tinking of other things.

Ok, so now you got me hooked! I went and rented season 1 disc 1 yesterday, and went back today for disc 2...i'm so hooked I didn't want to read your entry once I saw what is was about. The show is amazing. I can't wait to see what happens next. I hope I find out what the hell it is that Kate did, cuz it;'s killing me. :)

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