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This is my question:

Is there a term for people who are spatially challenged? I've always been pretty good with maps and with translating them into physical location--several summers of pizza delivery will do that for you. But I also encounter so many people who claim that they have trouble with space (including a random carload of strangers last night). So, somewhat in parallel with dyslexia, my proposal for such a term is dyschoria.

There are certain parts of Syracuse that flip me around direction-wise, which I will henceforth describe as dyschoral, for all that they induce in me temporary dyschoric episodes.

I'm sure that there's another term out there, what with all the emphasis in recent years on multiple intelligences (spatial intelligence is one of them), but if there is, I haven't found it yet. And "dyschoria" leads to only one result on Google, at least until this entry cycles through.

That is all.


I like it. I'm dyschoric. But it actually feels more like I'm "unchoric," like how I'm uncoordinated.


I'm dyschoric too! Finally a name for the spatial dysfunction that runs in my family. East, west, right, left, I don't have a clue. I just always felt that the sun set in the wrong direction. And my disorientation was not improved when I went to the West coast for six weeks in 1976.


There was a study of London cabbies wherein it was determined they have larger hippocampuses (hippocampi?) the longer they had been on the job. So perhaps the corresponding pathology for dyschoria is hypohippocampusism?

Now I can tell Dwight what's wrong with him (he still gets lost coming home from the grocery store, and we've lived in our house for two years now).

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