Have you seen Andy's dignity?

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This week has begun in much the same way that last week ended: a lot of advising, a fair bit of panic, and a lot more face time at the office than I generally prefer. And before you get on me with the "professors working 6 hours a week" bullshit, let me explain that "more time than I prefer" included being here on Saturday and Sunday, from roughly noon to 10 pm both days. The last day that I wasn't in the office for 6+ hours was some time around the middle of August.

Anyway, last night I managed to work free a little earlier than that, and I got home in time to catch the end of the 2nd set of Andy Roddick's 1st round match at the US Open. I'm much less of a tennis fan than I used to be, so I don't watch much more than a little bit of the majors, just enough to know the names for the most part. And even then, I watched the Cubs close out the Dodgers first.

To my point. I watched Roddick get swept in straight sets, in the first round, at a major, by some random guy off the street from Luxembourg. And then I flipped over to Jon Stewart, just in time to see the new American Express commercial. In the commercial, Andy decides not to go out (the US Open's coming up, you see) and while he's sleeping, some dorky looking guy, who is "Andy's mojo," separates from his body, goes out on the town, and takes Andy's AmEx card. Andy gets up next day, and can't play tennis very well, because he's missing his mojo. And apparently, there was a whole campaign planned around the idea of him squeaking through the tournament and trying to get his mojo back.

This may be one of the all-time biggest sports jinxes in the history of sports jinxes. If only the Cubs could get all of the other NL teams to cut mojo commercials for American Express, we might still have a chance this year...


Yeah, I know...

Many years and pounds ago, though, there was a time where, had it not intersected with the soccer season, I would have been playing tennis seriously. And it's not lot I've got a lot of hope resting with the Cubs or Bears right now...

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