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And then there are weeks where the prospect of changing out of sweat pants is almost more than you can bear emotionally. There are all these things to do, and you have no idea where you might begin. There's that hill, and all those boulders, and you can't escape the feeling that every single one of them is rigged to roll just as you crest it.

It passes. It always does. You've been around this track often enough to know that there's an inevitable energy dip right around this time every semester, where the break was just long enough to get you longing for summer, where the distance between here and there is just long enough to encourage everyone into thinking that they can get just one more big project finished up (with your help, of course).

Invariably, April is paralyzing. Don't believe it? Check me out a year ago this Friday:

I must confess to having been more than a little depressed for the past couple of days. Whether that's the cause for my absence from cgbvb or a result of it, I don't know. I suspect a little of both. Work piled up, and I simply wasn't prepared (landing in Syracuse Monday night) to take on a heavy week of classes and meetings. At the end of the semester, it seems like every couple of hours adds yet another thing to the old to-do list, far faster than I can get things crossed off.

Ahhh, the good old days. That is all.


And thanks for letting me feel less alone since I feel much the same way. I keep thinking about getting through April, and it's not even April yet!

April usually wipes me out, too. This year, it's probably complicated by the fact that I'm still not sure where I'll be teaching next year, but I think TS Eliot was right: April is the cruellest month.

I quoted this entry in my 611 today. & of course lotsa people had read it. It provided great context for talking about how to get projects finished, and by when. Molto grazie.

Sissyphus is my new goddess!

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