Apparently Stacy's Mom's daughter has also got it going on...

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You may recall that last month I posted a mildly disapproving entry about the new Dr. Pepper commercial. Not being content to just let their creepy commercial rest on its own demerits, the good folks at Dr. Pepper, purveyors of the taste of originality, have decided to enter the spam business as well. To wit, my new friend "Stacy" has contributed her own insight:

I absolutely love this commercial! How funny to do a take-off on the video. You think the boys are looking at the Soccer Mom but are really more interested in the Dr. Pepper. It's finally great to see a well done commercial! I'm off to buy some Dr. Pepper!

Ah yes! I absolutely love this comment! How funny to explain this commercial to us as though we were absolute morons! It's finally great (?!) to see a well done comment!

And yes, "Stacy," I'm stunned by the originality of your fake name, and overwhelmed when I think of just how much Dr. Pepper you'll be able to buy with the checks you're getting from Dr. Pepper! Just think! All you have to do is spam a bunch of blogs with fake comments, and they'll give you money! What a great scheme! All the boys are looking at your comments but will really be more interested in the Dr. Pepper! How clever!

Let me just say that I will be drinking my own urine before I buy Dr. Pepper. Commercials fade from my memory, but crappy, exclamation point ridden spam has just earned Dr. Pepper permanent Nemesis status.

That is all.

Update: Apparently, it's not all. "Stacy" has a friend named "gary," who shares her high opinion of Dr. Pepper:

Wow you guys need to lighten up, the commercial is a spoof intended to be funny. I loved the Stacy's Mom spot and the I Can Do Anything For Love spot as well. I hope they keep playing them, I love to hear the music and the ad makes me laugh. You rock DR Pepper and Stacy's Mom.

Wow, "gary," you're right. Thanks for reminding me of the other commercial--its relevance to the original post is so undeniable that I almost swallowed my tongue. You rock, "gary," you rock. I hope you keep trying to spam that entry, I love to read your fake names and your thinly veiled advertising pander (this time masked with really bad grammar) makes me laugh. Go spam somebody else. That is all.


Dr Pepper rocks! We must all drink Dr Pepper! Stacy is wrong! Dr Pepper has no period after the "Dr"! It's true! Did you know Dr Pepper was invented in Waco, Texas! And Waco was very nearly chosen as Texas' capital! That's true too! YOU ROCK STACYS MOM!

There's a sequence in MT Anderson's Feed recieve free Coke products for repeating the product name, so umm...I, like, love Dr Pepper and stuff! I sometimes drink Dr Pepper for breakfast! Because Dr Pepper rocks!

But you know, I'm not sure I would have understood the commercial without Stacy's kind and helpful comment!

Dr Pepper comment spam: that's just weird. And sort of sad.

Don't get me wrong, Collin... I loves me some Dr. Pepper, but I'm not sure that I'd go so far as to spam your comments about it.

Um...collin, babe, you know i love ya, but...
Wha? i hate dr pepper (truly, can't stomach the stuff...icky, euuwww...even the smell of it makes me cringe a little--ever since i was a kid and heard someone found a finger floating in her can of it....which of course i knew didn't happen, but eeuuuuuw anyway!), but i laughed out loud when i saw that Anything for Love commercial...and i was mildly amused by the Stacy's Mom spot. Perhaps not pc, but amusing.... What's chappin' you about it? That the song has sunk to the level of an ad for a (butt-stinkin' yucky-poo-poo) soft drink?

Actually, I was a little weirded out by the inappropriateness of the commercial, but I pretty much had forgotten all about it. As for the chappin'...

I guess what pisses me off the most is the new trend in marketing, which is to hire people to post--in user forums, fan sites, blogs, etc.--fake endorsements of the product in question. One of the real interesting things about blogspace, and social software in general, is that it runs on networks of trust. I pick up a CD because someone who likes my taste in music recommends it. If any number of folk out here promote a book or a piece of software or a movie, I'll give it a second look even if I'm initially disinclined.

What pisses me off is that paying strangers to ad-spam my blog is an attempt--a rather pathetic one, granted--to pollute my trust network, an attempt to reclaim what I think is a fairly open space on behalf of the broadcast, brainwash model of cynical crap-peddling. I know that I'm over-reacting to two piddly little comments, but heck, it's my party and I'll over-react if I want to. Maybe someone will come across here and understand that it's really a bad idea to try and treat their potential customers like mindless zombies. There are already some stories floating around about this kind of market backlash....

Plus, I was pretty cranky this week.


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