A Very Big Day, Part 3

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And on top of all that, I learned today that I've been officially confirmed as the new Associate/Online Editor of our discipline's flagship journal, College Composition and Communication. It's been in the works now since some time last fall, but we're now at the stage of crossing eyes, dotting t's, etc.

Even though I've known about it for a while, I'm still a little awestruck by the whole thing. I'm looking forward to working with Deborah Holdstein--she and I have only spoken a little about it, but there's one thing I know for sure. We're bringing ideas. Lots and lots of ideas. I'm only being a little immodest when I say that I think we can help change the way that our field thinks about the online components of our journals.

So yeah. Not so much with the spare time for me. You'll hear plenty more about this as the days march on.


You make us proud--way to go

Congratulations, Collin. I had heard about this likelihood last week, so I'm glad it's now public. I have a specific suggestion that I've already offered to NCTE staff and I'll email you about it.

Like I said--free time?


Yay!! Congratulations. I've been saying for months, ever since you first mentioned it, that I hope you get the position because, well, I know you'll do a great job overall, but also because I suspected (and still do) that you'll be a strong advocate for giving authors more options for copyright: opening the conversation about giving authors the option to have a Creative Commons license, maybe giving copyright back to the author after an agreed-upon amount of time, allowing the author to publish a copy of the article on his or her personal web site, etc.

Wow, Collin. Huge congratulations.

Give 'em heck.

Congrats dude. I want to hear all the details.

Wow!!! That IS big. Congratulations!

Woohoo!! I'm a little late, but congrats, Collin!! That's fabulous!

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