The wrong kind of adventure

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is when you have to spend 45 minutes moving your car less than a block, from one unplowed side of the street to the other unplowed side of the street, because if you don't, you'll get a $35 ticket. And you have to do so when:

Temperature: 3
Wind speed 20-30 mph
Wind Chill: -19
Current Snowfall: 4-6 inches
Depth of drift holding door open: 18-20 inches
Signs of snow stopping: 0

The only silver lining I can imagine here is the fact that my apartment building is about a block away from a Rite-Aid. Granted, it's uphill, but then the return trip is downhill. Granted, I have to cross a major thoroughfare to get there, but when it's this bad out, I can move about as fast as the cars.


So, the silver lining is you can hobble to the RiteAid to get medication for your frostbite?

Um, yikes. So, I guess you're saying that I shouldn't complain about the 40 degree cold spell we're having today? (Thank gods it'll get back up to the 70s later this week. I can't handle this freezing weather.)

I feel your pain. It took me a year to dig my car out of the driveway today, and right when I was finishing the plow came by and piled all that hard rocky snow next to my freshly cleared way . . . grrrrr.

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