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Can we put to rest now all the speculation about whether or not a body's weblog runs the risk of damaging one's job prospects? Okay, so maybe not. But a big congratulations to Jenny, who's been haunting the Stupid Undergrounds for a couple of years now, won an award for doing so, and has just received and accepted an offer from Penn State.

Coincidence? I think not.

But it was by coincidence that I happened across a new add for my blogroll: her colleague-to-be, Stuart Selber, is up and blogging now. Give him some traffic, and you can still catch a whiff of New Blog smell.


Awww. Thanks, C. It is nice to know that admitting you're a human being (via blogging) doesn't hurt your chances of getting a job. The thought had actually crossed my mind once or twice, believe it or not.

Hmm. Blogging makes you human. Now there's a thought I'd like to explore. We're *more* human (arguably) when hooked into networks. If Shaviro's argument in Connected is right, we are actually MORE HUMAN when MORE CONNECTED. So much for the humanist argument about technology and humanity.

Hey, Collin, on my Friday blog, I noted that I told Nancy Cantor about meeting two Syracuse academics through blogging (you and Derek) and that as a college president she should look for faculty who are doing such good things and support them.

Be interested to know if she follows up.

That is a take off of the Lionel Richie video from the song "Hello"...where a blind girl makes a clay bust of Lionel and says "This is how I see you." The commercial's hysterical...

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