The trouble with corporate media

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Those of you who, like me, tracked down transcripts and audio or video clips of Jon Stewart's recent appearance on Crossfire, should appreciate this Flash send-up of the debates and their coverage...Debating for Ratings.

[via New Media Musings]


Enjoyed the Stewart/Crossfire appearance. The media doesn't help get the real issues discussed, but the candidates avoid the hard issues like the plague because most Americans don't want to hear the truth and couldn't stand to. The presidential campaign is a big circus where there are many rings of activity and illusion. For those who are interested in it, it's hard to find the truth even if you're close to the actors. How does one choose between tweedle-dumb and tweedle-dee?

While I agree with you that true intents and personalities is often hidden, I think that, despite a press system that is willing to be used so easily, that the beauty of our system still allows us to, eventually, be able discover enough truth about the candidates to make up our minds about them. And I can't stand the "lesser of two evils" discussion, because it just isn't the truth, especially in this election. I'm not saying that a candidate will represent what you believe 100%, but there are vast differences between the two, and it doesn't take a ton of reading to find out what they are.

thanks for this!! I laughed until my ribs hurt.

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