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As Jeff will find out soon, either here or as part of the review process, I've just submitted an application (vita + vision statement) for the position of Associate/Online editor of CCC, the flagship journal of our discipline.

When I have a little more time to sit down and actually write out a clear post about this, I'll go into a little more detail about that "vision" of mine. For now, though, a quick note. I don't really need more to do in my life, but I'm mindful of the responses that some of our discussions , about CCCC and the like, have provoked from Kathi, John, and Doug. And one of the things that I take away from their responses is that change can begin with positions like this. And so, if I want to see change, it's sort of a put-up-or-shut-up situation. So this is me putting up. More on this later.


Good news. If you get the gig, and there's room for coding or other stuff I can do, feel free to ask. Maybe I'll get the chance to put up too. (Shutting up for now.)

Thanks, Bradley. If I do get it, I'll definitely want some help planning stuff out, and maybe with coding, etc. You got some time in the next week or so? I was thinking I might zip down for a meal, since I am in the neighborhood for a while now...


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