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I think my dad would look happier here were he not scanning the backyard anxiously for chipmunks. The backyard is basically a hill, which he's terraced with walls, and which the chipmunks constantly undermine. Okay, so maybe he doesn't look that anxious. This was on Saturday, by the way, before we went out to eat. We'd just finished watching Iowa embarrass themselves on national TV. Ugh. One other note: Brent Musberger is the biggest front-running homer of an announcer I've ever had the displeasure to listen to. Iowa's Ed Hinkel had a spectacular one-handed end zone grab, so spectacular in fact that it was one of ESPN's top 10 highlights of the weekend. It wasn't, however, a sufficiently high enough light to be considered as one of the big plays of the first half. It would have interfered with footage of the Michigan cheerleaders, the Michigan band, the Michigan fans, or Musberger's praise of the Michigan players, I suppose. (Don't even talk to me about Syracuse's performance on Saturday, btw.)


Collin, you may be interested in my unofficial/life blog about this game, which I actually attended. Check out:

"My trip to the Big House."

Happy travels, btw.

Thanks, Steve! I'll add the link above...

Brent Musberger is the biggest front-running homer of an announcer I've ever had the displeasure to listen to.

Truly. He's the absolute pits. Though he does have some stiff competition.

I'll skip rubbing in Purdue's victory a couple of weeks ago against the Orange....

But, yeah, Musburger's a big-time homer. I hope he's not broadcasting the Purdue-Notre Dame game on Saturday.

Thanks for the skip, Chuck. Really.

Aren't all of ND's games on NBC? If so, the announcers are probably no-names, and probably slighly homerible, but not at the level of BM...

Your dad's hot. Is he available?

For bachelor parties and bar mitzvahs, I think. How you doing, John?

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