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The Media Ecology Association conference began today over in Rochester, which is notable for me bc I'll be driving over there tomorrow to catch a few panels, do a little networking, etc. The object of my affection?

Session 5-A Weblogs and Cross-Disciplinary Communication
Moderator: Elizabeth Lane Lawley — Rochester Institute of Technology
Panelists: Alexander Halavais — SUNY Buffalo
Sébastien Paquet — National Research Council of Canada
Clay Shirky — New York University
Jill Walker — University of Bergen

Should be a grrrreat panel, and it's bracketed on either side by plenaries, so I'll try to get up there early and stay into the evening. And I'll see if I can't have the panels blogged by tomorrow night as well...


And you'll miss my first radio show! D'oh!

Wait a sec. I thought you were on Sat afternoon??

I'm going to Rochester later today, but I'll be back by Fri night...

Or do I just have it all wrong?


Oops. I'm not good with "dates" or "numbers" or "words."

Yep. Saturday from 1-3. :)

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