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Today was early departure day for me. Went to a couple of morning sessions, had some lunch, and hit the road. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a session rundown--I attended five sessions, which is easily a modern-day record for me. Also momentous was that I only bought one book. There a full moon out or something?

One general sort of conclusion about the Cs this year. San Antonio is a very nice place-everything's walkable, clean, etc. But everyone I talked to had the same impression--the conference felt very spread out, and there was no real public, centering space. Most of the bars, in part bc there were so many, were small, the conference space itself was very spread out, and there were people that I didn't see that I wished I had. I'm hesitant to generalize from my experience or to blame the space, but it seemed like there wasn't a lot of opportunity for serendipitous encounters. There was no place where I could go and be relatively assured that I might run into someone.

I'm happy that they've finally reduced hotel prices by opening them up a bit for us. At the same time, it seemed like they hadn't really thought out the space, and for my money, it affected my conference experience...

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